Meet the Winners | Washington, 2017 DC eBay StartUp Cup Top 3 teams

The eBay StartUp Cup Challenge Business Model Competition transforms lives! Meet the 2017 Winners.

FIRST PLACE WINNER | PTCHAT seek to build the capacity of schools and districts by providing them with the tools and information necessary to build collaborative partnerships between families and schools.

Since the Washington, DC eBay StartUp Cup 2018, PT CHAT has since partnered with Parents Amplifying Voices in Education to facilitate a cross-sector professional learning community, featuring school leaders, education partners, and state agencies focused on strengthening family and community engagement outcomes in DC. Additionally, PT CHAT has raised additional funds and grown their team.

“The StartUp Cup Challenge provided us with the practice, networks, mentoring and competitive edge necessary to meet and exceed the goals we set for ourselves.  We learned the art of pitching, active listening, and concise storytelling from a group of seasoned professionals who wanted to see us succeed.  The StartUp Cup Challenge is a powerful first step towards establishing a foundation that will lead to great things!”

SECOND PLACE WINNERArmaments Research Company LLC (ARC) is a USA based business with its primary operations in Seattle, WA. The business focuses on providing high-tech firearm accessories and analytics to professional security forces worldwide.

ARC’s internet-of-things (IoT) technology, called the ARC-Response, consists of a series of ruggedized sensors built into the grips of a firearm that alert support of a potentially life-threatening situation. The data collected has a host of applications among security personnel, ranging from augmenting critical first response systems to improving inventory control and firearm maintenance.

“Connecting with mentors to develop a path forward that included stretch milestones. Perhaps more importantly, those mentors then held us accountable for achieving those milestones. This process helped our team become laser focused and build confidence in realizing how much we could accomplish!”

THIRD PLACE WINNERThe DICE Leadership Group provides organizations with the framework, training, and resources to effectively design and implement a successful diversity and inclusion program that boosts employee engagement, productivity, and empowerment at every level of the organization.

DICE Leadership Group has raised almost $10,000 in funding and is producing several leads each month through advertising and their online presence.

“Since the Washington, DC eBay StartUp Cup Challenge, we have been focused on building the business that eBay helped us visualize. While we started with a good service that customers enjoyed, during the Startup Cup, we further developed our services to increase the value we provided our clients. We also determined our niche and developed a plan of action to gain market share. As we continue building partnerships and networking in our niche, we are gaining increased exposure and credibility within our field.”