PINKE’S EATS is challenging the food industry and offering customers with products that tap into emerging trends. With unique insights, perspectives, and approaches to tackling food system challenges in the Washington, DC area, PINKE’S EATS is the forefront of improving market access to healthy eating.

Today’s young food entrepreneurs are developing innovative ways to transform healthy eating. The DC eBay StartUp Cup Challenge is highlighting Pinkey Reddick, Founder, and CEO of PINKE’S EATS who has transformed her love for food, education, and professional development training into tools to build a stronger and better community.

PINKE’S EATS is a Christian-owned community-based small catering business that specializes in comfort food cuisine and food service education and training within the Washington-metropolitan area. This multifaceted startup currently provides a diverse array of nutritional, healthy, flavorful menu options to schools, churches, non-government and government organizations. PINKE’S EATS also conducts hospitality and food preparation and safety education and training classes in partnership with institutes that offer culinary arts curricula. Their goal is “to add value and convenience to the community through catering and food delivery services, local partnerships, hospitality, food services, and safety education, and excellent customer service.”

The DC eBay StartUp Cup Challenge is a locally driven business model competition open to any type of business idea. The StartUp Cup Challenge is an inclusive entrepreneurship community-based approach that has proven to increase the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs in communities in over 72 countries since first launching in 2012. Reddick shares “the challenge has shown the opportunities I need to improve my business, key areas to focus and I have been given feedback from some very experienced individuals.”

Each session is led by a collection of hyper-local business-building mentors who volunteer their time. These mentors share their expertise with tailored solutions that support the local new business creation. The Founder and CEO of PINKE’S EATS recites a specific memory sharing “one judge was very passionate, she gave me so many resources she caught my attention and will remain a constant voice in my head throughout my business journey”.

Developing your business is no winning task, Reddick offers a word of advice urging aspiring entrepreneurs to “Do it! You won’t regret it. It challenges your business and you need challenges to grow.”

Pinkey Reddick alongside the Top 8 Finalists will receive their final session of tailored coaching and mentoring, along with important networking opportunities and access to resources and tools that will help accelerate their business growth. The program will conclude this November 30, with award celebrations, where the top three teams receiving cash prizes totaling $17,500.